Forum Sekuriteit offers the following services:

Security – Guards

Vision/mission statement

Our vision is the establishment of an effective, efficient and proactive security service.

The guard services include:

  • guards
  • close circuit television
  • monitoring

Forum Sekuriteit is a PSiRA-accredited company that creates peace of mind by providing security services at office blocks, shopping centres, hostels, businesses and schools among others.

All our guards underwent Forum Sekuriteit’s accredited training programmes to ensure that each of them understands the client’s needs and is able to adapt quickly to changing circumstances. To be able to act preventively, it is important that a risk evaluation is completed, and service delivery is adapted accordingly.

All guards are subjected to:

  • a pre-approval process;
  • continuous and appropriate training;
  • PSiRA accreditation;
  • deployment according to client’s needs and according to outcomes arising from relevant risk evaluation; and
  • criminal record check.

Guard responsibilities include:

  • Controlling access.
  • Body searching in the prescribed manner.
  • Issuing permits.
  • Receiving and sending goods.
  • Providing reception and accompanying services.
  • Carrying out patrols.

Guards are issued with adequate equipment. They are also issued with neat uniforms and name badges on which their PSiRA registration number is printed. The guards are controlled and monitored by Forum Sekuriteit’s control room.

Safety – Asset protection

Vision/mission statement

The asset protection unit’s vision is to protect the constitutional rights of communities, especially vulnerable communities, by establishing and running an effective asset protection unit and thus establishing an efficient unit to effectively protect clients’ assets, people, learners and personnel within the framework of the law during riot situations and marches.

The asset protection services include:

  • Establishment of formal policing forums.
  • Cooperation of the already established neighbourhood watches and branches.
  • Provision of security and training as well as monitoring of vulnerable communities.

Protection of assets and personnel during riots

Forum Sekuriteit’s personnel are carefully recruited, selected and trained in various aspects of the protection of assets and personnel in the case of riots. Personnel are equipped with the necessary equipment to handle the situation effectively.


Vision/mission statement

The main goal of training is to be an empowerment medium and to empower structures, branches, communities, businesses and individuals with knowledge, practical experiences and continuous training to the advantage of the candidate, community and businesses.

Training includes:

  • PSiRA Grade E
  • PSiRA Grade D
  • PSiRA Grade C
  • PSiRA Grade B
  • PSiRA Grade A
  • Firefighting Level 1
  • First aid Level 1
  • First aid Level 2
  • General Security Practitioner
  • Specialist Security Practitioner
  • Facilitator

The focus is to render the quality and thoroughness of the training at a higher standard. It includes supporting and building communities’ defensibility, safety and progressiveness by completing training goals that are aligned with the preferred outcomes for benefit.

Camera monitoring – Control room

Vision/mission statement

The control room’s vision is to offer effective, efficient, proactive and reactive assistance to the Movement’s institutions, core communities and businesses though monitoring services. The control room uses the latest technology when it comes to monitoring and also monitoring on a 24/7 basis.

The control room services include:

Monitoring of the following 24 hours, 7 days per week:

  • business premises with or without guard
  • hostels
  • schools
  • old-age homes
  • access routes in rural and urban areas
  • residential areas
  • security complexes
  • blocks of flats
  • installation of cameras
  • emergency reaction services

These services are regulated directly from the mobile control room that closely monitors the situation resulting in information-driven actions. The mobile control room also liaises with air support in the form of drones to regularly monitor the situation.  

Risk assessment on buildings and sites

Control rooms are necessary for organisations to effectively monitor multiple information streams and make accurate decisions. With an ever-increasing number of content sources and applications to manage, besides collaborative information integration needs, today’s control rooms must make effective and cost-effective system management possible, while at the same time offering maximum operator’s comfort. It is exactly for this reason that Forum Sekuriteit deployed black screen video alarm monitoring technology for the monitoring of closed-circuit television. This technology is not operator-friendly, but offers intelligent monitoring of vehicle number plates, face recognition, distinction between people, vehicles, animals and many more.

Camera installation packages

Forum Sekuriteit has contracts with various closed-circuit television suppliers of camera equipment as well as installers and manufacturers of closed-circuit television mounts and poles. As a result of this network of suppliers it is possible for Forum Sekuriteit to render a full service for all closed-circuit televsion camera needs. Please send and email to for more information.

Additional services

Vision/mission statement

Our focus is to establish effective, efficient and proactive additional services and to provide products that empower structures, branches, communities and the individual with knowledge, practical experience and the necessary qualifications.

The additional services include:

  • safety
  • polygraph for organisations
  • close protection (VIP)

Forum Sekuriteit’s goal is to increase safety in communities and businesses, as well as public and private schools. The objective is feasible through high-quality safety, training, control room and asset protection services that AfriForum Sekuriteit offers and runs. The focus is to promote the life, freedom, dignity and security of a person through the promotion of constitutional rights of supporters and the general public.