Forum Sekuriteit offers the following services:


Forum Sekuriteit is a PSiRA-accredited company that creates peace of mind by providing security services at office blocks, shopping centres and hostels, among others.

All our guards underwent Forum Sekuriteit’s accredited training programmes to ensure that each of them understands the client’s needs and is able to adapt quickly to changing circumstances. To be able to act preventively, it is important that a risk evaluation is completed, and service delivery is adapted accordingly.

When guards are being deployed, we consider the following:

  • All guards undergo a pre-approval process.
  • All guards are trained for the environment in which they are to be placed.
  • All guards are accredited with PSiRA and registered.
  • All guards are deployed according to the client’s needs and according to recommendations arising from the risk evaluation.

Guard responsibilities include:

  • Access control;
  • Body searching in the prescribed manner;
  • Issuing permits;
  • Receiving and sending of goods;
  • Reception and accompanying services; and
  • Patrols.

Guards are issued with the minimum basic equipment, including handcuffs, batons and communication equipment. They are also issued with neat uniforms and name badges on which their PSiRA registration number is printed. The guards have continuous direct contact with the control room.

Protection of assets and personnel during unrest

Forum Sekuriteit personnel are recruited, selected and trained carefully in various aspects of the protection of assets and personnel in case of unrest. Personnel are equipped with the necessary to address the situation effectively.

These services are regulated directly from within the mobile control room, which monitors the situation carefully and provide information-driven actions. The mobile control room also liaises with the air support in the form of drones to be able to monitor the situation continuously.

Close Protection Officer

Forum Sekuriteit also offers this specialist service according to the clients’ unique needs. Personnel are carefully recruited, selected and trained in the following skills, among others:

  • Advanced tactical management techniques;
  • Tactical training;
  • First aid;
  • Protocol and etiquette; and
  • Risk evaluation.